Welcome to the website of Tara Knabenshue

Tara Knabenshue, a Los Angeles based actress and model grew up in the Midwest.  While captivating the audience performing in an ALL-State cast of Voices from the Highschool, she won the Best Outstanding Performance Award for her role. 

"While on stage delivering my lines to my scene partner, something inside me changed. I took a moment, a pause. Tears came to my eyes. I believed what I was saying. It was in that moment that I knew."

Early on, she moved to New York and received an Associates Degree from AMDA.

Inspired by completing a summer film course at USC, Tara moved to California to continue pursuing her dream. She has been thrilled to work in both film and television, grateful to have collaborated with various artists and talents. Tara is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA.